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1 month down

So its been about a month of dating with the officer and advisor . both are going really well which is in a way making a very tough choice for me to decide on a actual decision on them both. Totally kidding rotational dating has never been an issue for me . I am doing much better with the whole sticking to my standards and speaking up for myself .

I had an amazing weekend of self care . I cleaned and saged my apartment got ready for the week and even had time to do some retail therapy and get a pedicure .

Shopping was awesome I am down a dress size and I wore a pair jeans out on my date that I have not fit in a year. ( yaay for non scale victories) . I also got stuck in a too small ass dress for 15 mins that brought me back to reality with a fucking quickness lol.

I grabbed some lunch and worked a few hours got off and came home to get dressed for my date with the advisor . We went and saw Captain Marvel and had drinks and dinner at whiskey cake ended it with a night cap and sensual conversation about politics lol . yea politics debates are a foreplay for me lol.

The officer was blowing my phone up trying to go out and plan something last minute . he was told again my time was valuable if he wanted to see me he needed to plan not expect me to drop my already set plans for him.

Keeping all of this in mind . this is my daily affirmation on my virtual visual board and my screen saver we are not having a part 2 of NATE, MARCUS or LANCE. we are learning lessons we are not making the same mistakes and we are holding ground on our worth and standards.

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