week 5 results from working out

238.3 Gained one pound back I am angry  lol   but I have used the non-scale victories to not focus  on the weight I went to the gym 4 out of the 5 days  I have my goal set for. a dress I felt like a whale in I wore it and felt amazing. check out my journey here   


Girl Chat Episode 9

Topics this week: -My first somewhat human contact with the bitter guy with a bunch of kids. How to research a guy you met online Crazy guys and red flags the link to the blog about the hurt man I talked about in the podcast :

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Men who talk themselves out of dating

SO he messaged me about something already on my profile and he had an empty space on his. I never tell me first what I am looking for  because  I have met men that have changed their answers to be deceptive  and  he honestly  turned  me  off from being slightly  interested with his  long dissertation


week 4 results from working out

237.2 down 2 lbs BMI on the scale was acting weird this week  lol I am sleeping better and  making better choices on what I am putting  in my body and  goals for next week 5 days committing to the gym also if you want the recipes  I’m cooking for the week signup I send them out weekly click here

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5 Best Blogs About OK CUPID

The Actual Blog  lol  I like Getting my information straight from the Horses  Mouth, You get an idea on how to work the site success stories and making the most of what OKC has to offer. Future Sense  I found this Article useful it goes into details on why OKC did away with Usernames and wen to basics  NAMES 🙂…

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Fake sugar daddies

There are sites for this sort of interest (I wasn’t even aware of it lol ) A friend said they have sites for sex only, BDSM anything you can think of it it’s there but these men still feel the need to get on sites and force their interests down your throat. I wish he would have just said I am…

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Cluttered house cluttered mind

Why I needed to fix my Cluttered life While on my morning Facebook stalker page ( don’t you dare judge me ) I came across my favorite fitness guru Chalene  Johnson she had a short video up about decluttering your home, space everything. So she gives a little shout-out to her podcast so I thought what the hell fill my mind…

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