Girl Chat Episode 16 Podcast

It has been forever and with the recent events this last week I felt inspired for this Podcast Topics this week: Loving yourself and accountability Check your sisterhood is it trash? Red flags and how sidechicks arent really winning. Background checks and trust. Social media /wokebook/ your sanity  


Lil credit info

At a workshop learning how to build business credit. šŸ“ˆ Live update takeaways: 1) It’s difficult to build business credit if you have a sole proprietorship 2) Debt usage on your credit card is reported at the end of the billing cycle, typically before the payment is due. To avoid a high debt usage being reported to credit agencies pay…

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Live Richer Challenge-Credit

day 8 credit report clean up

I started this journey back in December of Last year and my main goals were: raising my credit score disputing everything negativeĀ  on my reports paying off as much debt as I could this year. We are 8 months in and my score is nothing like I thought it would be, butĀ  I will say this I am getting approved…

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I left my Toxic Job

If you needed a sign about leaving your Toxic Job this is it I decided to boss up after the continuous changes with my Job. I had only started working there 10 months prior, and after 3 new bosses, I was done. I was with my previous employer about 5 years I met amazing people, had great benefits and I…

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LOVE, Toxic Series, Vetting Series

7 dating mistakes I made

  I was tired I was ran through (mentally speaking) didĀ  I mention tiredĀ  lol ? Why was I running into the same men like the exes I hatedĀ  ? Why was the communication lackingĀ  ? how didĀ  I miss the clues? I didn’t listen to myself. I had no gameĀ  plan. I needed more time. I needed to date…

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Things I see

This is what abuse looks like

He of course deleted his comment after several people attacked him unbeknownst to me I reshared hisĀ  post and stated he was abusive like many women who shared theĀ  post andĀ  knew what abuse looksĀ  like.


This Virgo Girl

Details collected from Zodiac Signs Virgo and Independence: Virgo is a very independent zodiac sign. They are fully able to put their intelligence to use and get things done for themselves. It is possible however that their narrow-mindedness causes their creativity to suffer and they may lead regular routine lives. They may dwell too much on the past and over…

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LOVE, Single in the city, The Panamanian, Things I see, Vetting Series

The Panamanian

      So this incident happenedĀ  in March 0f 2018 heĀ  had (afterĀ  laterĀ  realizing) that he would go through these dark momentsĀ  after holidays or whateverĀ  do something very dumbĀ  (likeĀ  insteadĀ  ofĀ  goingĀ  out for valentines day like he promisedĀ  he spentĀ  $300 bucks on a VR headsetĀ  ) he decided to quitĀ  hisĀ  job which I…

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