7 days of Self Care

7 days of self care(social media detox)

A few weeks back I had this weird overwhelming feeling it was work, it was my personal relationships with friends, Family and the man I was seeing. It was Social Media it was all of it The moment I took that moment to take a break I felt so much better and my time was spent, I needed to make…

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Bring on the bling

I don’t need it but I do. Ulta along with tacos are my weakness. Check out my haul: Let’s start with makeup revolution they are cheap and low key kinda knock off a lot of major companies, I have a lip duo from them that I loved the color but it didn’t make my heart sing. Ulta gave me 30%…

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LIFE, Throwback Series

My exes are bitter

I always start this story the same with going into details about my ex-husband I’ve never told a full story just cliff notes when topics fit. I sat down with my kids this summer and had to talk with them about me and why our father and I divorced. I didn’t make myself out to be a victim I didn’t…

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Live Richer Challenge-Credit

day 13-15

day 14 video So after watching this I called all my card companies and asked for an increase in not eliganle until November and I am perfectly fine with waiting just trying to do anytjing to help. I feel like my utilization is a huge reason for my 28 point drop since this was the only thing that changed at…

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Girl Chat Episode 16 Podcast

It has been forever and with the recent events this last week I felt inspired for this Podcast Topics this week: Loving yourself and accountability Check your sisterhood is it trash? Red flags and how sidechicks arent really winning. Background checks and trust. Social media /wokebook/ your sanity