What are your values?

Accountability Making sure that when I am out of line I get my thoughts together and come back better. I don’t want to walk around life gaslighting anyone or treating someone poorly when they honestly don’t deserve it. I also want to stick with my standards when it comes to dating and not waiver from that. The moment that I…

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Single in the city

Are you a passive dater or active?

Scrolling dating apps just because. Ever done it? Are you annoyed when you know men are there just to be there and pass the time? I come across some profiles  JUST HERE FOR ENTERTAINMENT   Insert Eye Roll   Oh ok great I set up my wonderful profile, took my quiz just to be some entertainment for some bored broke…

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Single in the city, The officer

Fresh starts and clean slates

So I Decided  after 3 months of just fucking , not going on dates,  not knowing anything about the officer; that I wanted something more of substance. I’ll be honest I was bored with our 5 minute phone calls talking about nothing (I call these  his bread crumbs  conversation we discuss nothing  past surface  level but  he just wants  his…

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LIFE, LOVE, Single in the city

What is your relationship mindset?

It’s  funny when I took 3 years  off from getting  in a relationship  it shaped a lot  of what I thought  I wanted from a relationship then when the Panamanian came around  and  I was settled  into that for a year and  It  ended my mind shifted again on what I was  looking for I had  my  bullshit ass list…

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Family, LIFE, Single in the city

The start of an awesome summer

so every summer around this time the munchkins head here to become texans for a few months . I’m excited because this time around I have a car for us to move around in I make more money and we can do all kinds of activities in super excited I have things planned from the start till the end of…

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