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Overcoming Depression

  Depression, like most mental illnesses, runs the continuum of severity. It could also involve anxiety symptoms as well. Depression is primarily characterized by sadness and/or loss of pleasure in nearly all activities. Additionally, there may be symptoms such as changes in appetite, sleep patterns, and psychomotor activity (changes in both mental and physical responsiveness and/or activity). For me, it’s…

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Single in the city, Things I see

Unicorn? or are you just delusional?

Queens do not step off their thrones to chase peasants I had an aha moment shortly after my relationship ended with the Panamanian  I have a  degree, Own place, Own car beautiful, Fat ass, amazing cook, and I can fuck like your favorite Pornstar Jada Mother fucking Fire. I am a Unicorn I suck Dick I don’t nag too damn…

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PodCast, Single in the city

*Taps Mic* Is this thing on ?

It’s has been so long since I have been on. the quarantine has got your girl: reading, Meditating, eating Vegan, working out, and gardening *finger snaps * who is she?!!!! a Queen that’s who lol. But Honestly, this lockdown got your girl changing all her priorities and I am blowing the dust off the blog and opening my life up…

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