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3 dates in less than 3 weeks

Hair glow and skin is popping I am loving this new stage of singleness. I know what I want I am not shifting on my boundaries or my standards and cutting men off at the gate if they are not meeting them. Of course, I am getting the scolds and the finger wags from associates about how I may miss out on my blessing by overlooking things from a guy.


I am dating men over the age of 30 for the most part and I’m honestly not interested in any man that doesn’t have the basic functions of an adult ( car, own place and a job). I do not have the energy to build or wait for his potential to manifest. I do not want to coddle him, be his mommy, or be his ride or die. I am not looking to have my life complete just compliment what I already have.




It took a few swipes but my rotation is back on track. it has allowed me 3 back to back dates. one sadly he didn’t make it past date one since he tried to force himself on me after countless attempts from me telling him to stop. 

One I dated a couple years ago who went ghost and appeared on my tinder.

So we went and saw US caught up and he advised therapy has helped him a lot on the communication front. It’s been interesting starting the dating over with him so we shall see how this goes with him.

The 3rd date was with a Financial advisor he is so far my Favorite he plans and executes dates perfectly the Communication is amazing and I have really enjoyed our time together so I can definitely say I am excited to see him again this upcoming weekend for our 3rd date.










































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