5 Best Blogs About OK CUPID

I like Getting my information straight from the Horses  Mouth, You get an idea on how to work the site success stories and making the most of what OKC has to offer.

I found this Article useful it goes into details on why OKC did away with Usernames and wen to basics  NAMES 🙂

A blog  on how they do not accept profiles that are  ok with KKK, and  anyone that is ok with Hate Crimes in a whole  .

Don’t let the name  fool you  lol . It gives a great article on why OKC is still standing strong  and goes into details  why a lot of people keep comign back. I am guilty of this  and  it ususally is the  app I go back to first when I am off my sabaticals.


A great article  on how Racial discrimantion is a huge deal on OKCUPID and online dating gives a link to the OKCUPID founders article  on how they came  up with these stats and  what the results were.

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