7 days of Self Care

7 days of self care(getting rid of toxic people)

A series of Posts that came across my timeline over the past few weeks that have helped me with self-care.

Yes, self-care is detoxing from social media, making sure your mental health is great, a little spa time, But getting ride of people from your life that serve your life no positivity and only negative energy is also self-care.

Women every day join a collective facebook group share things about themselves that they never would in the “mainland” out of fear or just assuming folks will never understand only to have all of that information spread and dusted across the “streets” when the “friendship” ends.

this is a good time to take a strong look at the company you keep and the people you have in your life if they are constantly berating other people are always at odds with their “friends” if they are always in the middle of some sort of drama or if they are on an average sucking all of your energy it is time to cut that loose right now.

True friendship with me isn’t lopsided and wayward it’s true, loyal by all means and when it ends and you move forward with your life so do your secrets

People Who I thought I could be friends with forever have at some point switched on me I didn’t expect it. that’s not to say trust no one but more to say is careful. I have built friendships that have tested marriages, divorces, children everything you name it and if anything they have grown .protect your peace and practice self care remove and move forward.

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