A black woman helped a white woman Hijack my account.

Yes, you read that correctly lol. This will be a blog/ Vlog on my “journey” I call it that since it was a definite eye-opener for me. I will say this again personally if you want to have her as a friend I see nothing wrong with that I would have remained cool with her had her response not been so horrible to me. Business side  I would suggest no one does business with her ever she is in the mix with shady folks and it would be in your best interest to protect your business as I should have protected mine. These are the accounts associated with this business I will prewarn this will be lengthy so have some time to set aside to see everything.

Her business account :

The White  woman she helped:

The facebook name she blocked me on  :Fitzene Sutanya

So this gives you an idea on why and what happened to bring me to this  post the  next video will give you  details  on the exchange with her  and  her”leader”

This was the  moment that i was finding out that they were not  in Ohio and were  in a whole other country trying to market this  business as if it was in the US. mind you everything happened  within 48 hours  that I was hacked and  had to change everything  . I approached  her she seemed shocked and the next video is the  contact that I had with her and her  “leader.

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