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dating a Narcissist

1. He’s Your Dream Man Then He’s Not No need to wonder what it’s like to date a snake because if you’re dating a narcissist then you already know. They’re sly, stealthy, and experts in the use of manipulation. Not in the beginning, though. Nope, in the beginning, dating a narcissist will be awesome. He will treat you like a…

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Unpacking and accountability

There are a group of people in this world who refuse to face themselves and their issues, yet continuously get into relationships and project their issues onto their partners. A cycle of failed relationships follow then they wonder why shit isn’t working out. When we meet people like that, who don’t hold themselves accountable it can be exhausting. Those people…

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7 days of Self Care

7 days of self care(sleep)

  Sleep . You need it I know it’s desirable to be a go getter hard worker and to sleep why you die. Honestly I have worked the best this week making sure I went to bed at a decent hour (7.5 hours has been the goal every night this week) popped some ASMR on and worked my butt off…

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