Be Aware It is Cuffing season

AH, the Joys of Cuffing Season

Gotta love  “Cuffing” Season The warnings usually start around the time it gets cold.

Don’t fall for the hobosexuals .

Dudes out here looking for homes to stay.

I never realized how much I usually will avoid someone around this time of year and that it’s usually when I take my sabbatical.



Holding Myself Accountable

This past year I was dating someone exclusive around the holidays and the new year came.

I decided I needed to take a step back and review this particular dating experience. I have had maybe one of these in the last two years when I felt it was going to be something special and he would be the one to take me off the market. It is always the same reason why we hit a stopping point he’s a hobosexual .

Last time it was in the summer and I found out he lied about his living arrangements, his car, and just life altogether and you toss horrible sex in the mix it was a recipe for disaster. Now fast forward to early December I get a call from another dude that went ghost. We had great conversation had so much in common and he made me laugh after date 6 I had a great feeling about him.




When the Honeymoon Phases comes and goes


Then the honeymoon phase ended like everything always does and real issues came into play. he was wanting to meet family friends and my dogs quickly. (this is a big deal first dogs then kids lol)  He talked about futures he put me on his social media and called me his girlfriend after I corrected him to slow it down a bit The nail in the coffin was after him staying around my home for about 4 days we spent new years day talking about 2018 and what we would like to do. He then beated around the bush about moving in with me .
The last time this conversation didn’t go over so well with the man from the summer he wanted to move in but when it got time to talk about finances he clammed up. Total opposite of him he was more than open to discussing it but once we had the discussion I saw no benefit in him moving in since I would basically be paying all or majority of my bills, It was on placed on the back burner for him to come correct with me on it again.

I also reminded him:

It pays the cost to be the boss.


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