podcast 18

Topics this week: Why a social media cleansing is a must  Why after the New year there will be No More Single in the city Blog or Facebook or IG.  


Girl Chat Episode 16 Podcast

It has been forever and with the recent events this last week I felt inspired for this Podcast Topics this week: Loving yourself and accountability Check your sisterhood is it trash? Red flags and how sidechicks arent really winning. Background checks and trust. Social media /wokebook/ your sanity  


Podcast episode 12 (Self Love)

This weeks Podcast topic was  on : Self-love Check out the blog : Links for places to get you to self-love: Therapist directory for Black Women Chalene Johnson Podcast on Decluttering your life A book called You are a BadASS    


Girl Chat Episode 9

Topics this week: -My first somewhat human contact with the bitter guy with a bunch of kids. How to research a guy you met online Crazy guys and red flags the link to the blog about the hurt man I talked about in the podcast : http://blog.girlinhtown.com/red-flags/

Guest Blog Post, PodCast, Single in the city

Girl Chat Episode 8

This weeks Girl chat with Christina it was my first time getting access to have someone jump on live with me , we had technical difficulties (ok I DID ) so the video starts at 9:48 this weeks topics  : Topics this week : -Bad Credit, behind on child support, stays at home with family, working minimum wage job why…

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