Single in the city, The officer

Fresh starts and clean slates

So I Decided  after 3 months of just fucking , not going on dates,  not knowing anything about the officer; that I wanted something more of substance. I’ll be honest I was bored with our 5 minute phone calls talking about nothing (I call these  his bread crumbs  conversation we discuss nothing  past surface  level but  he just wants  his…

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What is your relationship mindset?

It’s  funny when I took 3 years  off from getting  in a relationship  it shaped a lot  of what I thought  I wanted from a relationship then when the Panamanian came around  and  I was settled  into that for a year and  It  ended my mind shifted again on what I was  looking for I had  my  bullshit ass list…

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The start of an awesome summer

so every summer around this time the munchkins head here to become texans for a few months . I’m excited because this time around I have a car for us to move around in I make more money and we can do all kinds of activities in super excited I have things planned from the start till the end of…

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Single in the city

Okc is now reloaded

*rolls eyes* why are these men on dating sites they have pay for play and websites geared just for this but no let’s force our stuff on people looking for something of substance. *scratches head*