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dating a Narcissist

1. He’s Your Dream Man Then He’s Not No need to wonder what it’s like to date a snake because if you’re dating a narcissist then you already know. They’re sly, stealthy, and experts in the use of manipulation. Not in the beginning, though. Nope, in the beginning, dating a narcissist will be awesome. He will treat you like a…

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No sir I think you may be reading too much into it *side eyes* I always get this itchy feeling when the conversation is awkard in the beginning and I mean this one when it feels a lil toxic best bet is to not deal with the trouble .

Single in the city

Dating apps to network linkedin to date

  I have seen this occurrence over the last year using Linkedin for dating mostly I have had a few of the MLM businesses using Tinder or other dating apps to Network and not actually to date. I mean  they have  men looking for nothing  of substance  on dating apps why not  Network lol