Single in the city

Return of the Mack *NSFW* EXPLICIT PICS.

So back story maybe a year and a half ago we had sex . the sex was mediocre and I ghosted him. He would randomly pop up during regular conversations and would pop up talking about the 1 time we fucked for me what seemed like ages ago. I would ignore him and have told him we didn’t have sex…

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LIFE, Operation Get That Dick, Single in the city

Operation Dick

So I took my few weeks to clean and sage my home, checked my mental health got a facial, a massage, bought some new clothes and had lots of girl chats, blasted mary J. Trina lil Kim all that. That’s usually my self-care process lol. I checked out old podcasts to get my mind space back to where it should…

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LIFE, LOVE, Single in the city


With every ending of a relationship an awakening happens within me, of course, this wasn’t something I actually manifested until after the demise of Marcus and I. The ending of Nate “The Panamanian” gave me an awakening of Boundaries. shockingly this is also an act of Self-care. I created what I felt were boundaries on what I wanted and needed…

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