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How to ruin a life

I realized last night why I hate Friends with benefits situations.  Yes we’re having sex and we’re exploring each other’s bodies, but at the same time, there’s some level of friendship there. For some strange reason, I’ve always come across men that utilize me as a therapist during our whole FWB arrangement.  Last night after a phenomenal 3-hour sex-fest we…

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Stop calling everyone your friend

I pride myself on having friendships that have lasted a majority of my life some 20 years and some a decade these have lasted through a divorce, through children, through moves, through life changes our friendships have never wavered. Any time that we’ve ever had disagreements, it was handled accordingly, it was handled in an adult manner we move forward…

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Unpacking and accountability

There are a group of people in this world who refuse to face themselves and their issues, yet continuously get into relationships and project their issues onto their partners. A cycle of failed relationships follow then they wonder why shit isn’t working out. When we meet people like that, who don’t hold themselves accountable it can be exhausting. Those people…

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This is what abuse looks like

He of course deleted his comment after several people attacked him unbeknownst to me I reshared his  post and stated he was abusive like many women who shared the  post and  knew what abuse looks  like.