Bumble and match tales

h I Oh ok. Good chat. No Well that went left The fat ass little dick rapper I dated Why would you do this? My job isnt even on my profile. He responded from what I could see in my notifications and unmatched me so I never read the rest. That he didnt want to deal with someone with no…

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No sir I think you may be reading too much into it *side eyes* I always get this itchy feeling when the conversation is awkard in the beginning and I mean this one when it feels a lil toxic best bet is to not deal with the trouble .

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Men who talk themselves out of dating

SO he messaged me about something already on my profile and he had an empty space on his. I never tell me first what I am looking for  because  I have met men that have changed their answers to be deceptive  and  he honestly  turned  me  off from being slightly  interested with his  long dissertation