Why dating some white men is hard


This is not the  kind  of white guy I want  near me or even interested  in dating . I am an equal opportunity dater  however if I date someone  thats  white I need  him to actually  know hes a white guy (I am not interested  in any man that grew  up around black people and thinks  he is black ) I need him white but aware of social injustice of people  of color and how he may have privilege due to his skin color and doesn’t think that crap is ok .

I am not  interested  in any man that wants to look at me as a fetish or a color of the rainbow he can look at his checklist bucket and  mark  off one of   his  conquests  .  Common sense  on apps like Bumble or Tinder it is a match based off looks so If I am black and you are white and I match you  that usually goes without saying that I am interested  . White men kinda dropped the ball and  the  interests  vanishes the  moment  he calls you  ebony, chocolate  or mentions hint  about a swirl or  saying anything about being  down .

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