Here’s a hint  lol:






So one year ago today this guy asked me to choose him. I said nothing and cooked dinner for him at my place lol.

The last year has been one hell of a ride and I mean this in the most positive way. I will always say this ( unless something traumatic happens lol) this relationship has taught me many great things about myself. I made sure I was emotionally available not only for myself but for the kind of love I know I deserved.

We have fought in hands down the healthiest I have ever fought with someone. our communication level with one another is amazing I am actually talking to him in a healthy manner about what doesn’t make me happy he listens and executes to resolve the issue. This honestly took a lot of work to do this.

I think the most nerving thing, in the beginning, was his self-pity parties and me wanting things my way no matter who was miserable lol. this was after the honeymoon stage was long and gone and the kids are tossed in the mix and real shit starts to sink in.

Its been one hell of a year I’m excited to see what 2019 holds in store. We make a pretty great team and he’s brought me peace and has contributed to my 2018 growth so much.

Ditto Nate ❤❤❤

Happy Anniversary !!!