Episode 4 Podcast

Girl chat Podcast are every Sunday at 6pm CST

This weeks topic were:
I did the podcast from bed this week lol it was an amazingly relaxing weekend, I even got my taxes done and I will have a little left over to slide to my kid’s dad lol I was so excited. I was even shocked at me being out of work for most of the last year and able to get a refund back.
all my topics this week came from my own personal dating experience one especially was the fact that he was a man of a particular age and he was a little spoiled and coddled, which brought me to question and look at my own family to see if the women in my family did the same and they low- key did the same thing
The dating boot camp this week (you can join the next one here) our topic was dating Mommas boys and I discussed a story from a girl in the group and how dating men that can cook and clean should also be a standard with dating from here on out .

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