I posted this year ago on my Facebook :

PSA for ghost men or popcorn dudes: I have a game plan I am dating with a purpose. I am trying to get a nice sexy hubby to fatten up, do tricks on his dick, and maybe pop out a kid (i said maybe). I can’t have your inconsistent ass popping up every few days, months, or years dropping breadcrumbs or a bookmark to hold your spot and do nothing more.you are blocking blessings and I can’t have that in my life right now Fam.All these grey areas and uncertainty are making my ass itch and I just need a dude that says hell yes to me not one unsure and being mysterious like its coy. (it’s not it’s annoying as fuck)if you are a dude doing this with several women and can’t figure out why they keep jumping off in relationships cuz you are a good dude this might be


A series of UM’s

why.?I honestly think this was someone trolling me I am 100% sure even on my darkest loneliest days would have given this man my number . whoever he is has been Ghost over 11 months and has appeared as well . I called and he seemed upset I had no clue who he was which speaks a lot (he may not have been very memorable)

Ren was someone I met on POF.       we had a great first date he was really sweet but there was something in my ear that he was lying about who he was which I found out later could have been true. He ghosted me came back realized I wasn’t caving into his mediocre attempt to courting me and went ghost again. He showed up again calling me horrible names and went away for a year and then popped up again wanting to rekindle 😒.

Then there was chris who just wanted to be my friend with some benefits . our conversation was very clear that I was not interested in that at all he goes away shows up 8 months later saying he was passing by my home .

Um ok? And ? Was my response when he began to get defensive I hung up the phone .

Last week there was Kay .

Yes another man with my name who was also a Virgo .

He emailed me I haven’t spoken to him in 3 years it didn’t end on a bad not just odd, he had contracted herpes from another woman he was dating as well as me . He was honest about it before we became intimate I made a decision to walk away since he gave me an option I had a little respect for him. But of course our emails became non existent and two years has passed .

Then I got this 😡😡😡 I legit  thought  he wanted advice on moving  or something  of that sort not this  .


Alexa play leave me alone by Michael Jackson