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Hey Big Head

a variation of conversation starters for men who just decided without a second thought to ghost you and reappear. I found myself throughout the last few years getting into combative arguments with men who disappeared and came back like nothing happened, to demand that they take their place as if they never left only to be angry that someone new has taken their slot on my dream team. They will gaslight you make you seem crazy for reacting to them in a rightful manner.


*he blocked me after my goodnight response*

I had another shortly after send me a message that just said wake up lol.

I haven’t spoken to him since last year as well after he gaslighted me for months to all of a sudden be in love and in a relationship on valentines day (I reckon they have broken up now or not).

Then the  mother  of them all  I am sitting down eating the  dinner the Panamanian 

Cooked for me and I  had Dynasty ready to watch all I had to do was hit play (This has been my nightly ritual when I get off from work now lol) Then I get a phone call from a guy who tells me his name I scan my hoeladex to recall this man. We talked a bit on social media linked up went on a 200 date offline for him to tell me he basically was just looking for someone to fuck when I wasn’t feeling that arrangement he then wanted to be friends which I also turned down. last we spoke was last year. He apparently was driving in my neck of the woods and he wanted to call me to say hello and whatever else he had in mind  I said um Hello and  Bye and he was shocked I was getting off the phone with him. Like how dare my ass with having some nerve to have some standards.


My post and that tonight’s actions sparked this FB post  :



There is always some sort of crap from them when they do this Tonight I decided I wasn’t going to go to war with them because any reaction is a green light for them to try to mess up your peace.

Literally, this was me for the last few years don’t let this be you  cut that shit short quick and fast :







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