Nigerian Bae, Single in the city

Just as quickly as the chapter started it ended: Nigerian Baes Last chapter

So a Week after his introduction Nigerian Bae and I were getting settled into the holidays

he was aware the kids were coming to Texas and would be here until after the new year so he wanted to see each other a couple times before they came. So we are about a couple months in over 6 dates top and I was ready to sit on his face it’s going ok until he kisses me. Ya’ll it was awful hands down the worst I was like Woah this motherfucker actually attacked my whole damn face he kissed me fast and hard and tried to french kiss me (also as equally horrible).

also, this was not the first time I had to give him a class on kissing. He didn’t know it was called french kissing and assumed I didn’t like to be kissed  ( he called it sensually) I advised him it’s because you are bad at it. This was the first few dates we had and french kissing was taken off the table since he didn’t understand my cues. He was offended when I advised I was concerned on having sex with him, I had some thoughts that maybe he didn’t know what he was doing and my vagina would have to pay for this decision on dating him further. I tabled this topic and week before the kids came  I decided I was going to have sex with him. This decision came after his wonderful kisses that night  (I am going to blame this  on the wine since  he  may have  kissed awful that night as well but  my impairment  may have  made them better)

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So we are  on his side  of town picture  it

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I’m hot and ready to pounce

for  him to tell me basically he  is not allowed to have  company in his apartment. I went  home  like wtf  he explains his roommate    will tell everyone  that he is dating me to get his green card

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and then tells me we can only have sex at my place, of course, I’m not really in the mood after this. I linked  him up with an attorney for Immigration to get his  lil situation cared for  he goes and comes back and tells me the attorney told  him that he needed to marry an American woman

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he tells me he told her he was in love and I was his girlfriend and he was sure we can get married. Yea strike two

we went out again and talked about that at Dinner for him to tell me not to concern myself about this.

We tried the sex again that night and whew chile you got your tea ready?

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so boom we naked kissing he does that same horrible ass-kissing I just tell him to stop.

so he moves on to touching  me  ok you on to something now

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then he stopped  basically this  man was touching me  all over  my body quick and fast I’m like oh my goodness he has no clue wtf he is doing

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I have him stop that cuz whew I could feel myself drying up again. he’s  like I want to eat your pussy

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he took his tongue and pressed it hard and licked my vagina to my clit hard when he got to the top I told him to stop and to go get the condom.

Before you ask yes we are still going through with the sex.

So he thought we were going to have sex with no protection

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when he realized we would be using protection now his dick wouldn’t get hard

so I ended the lil session right there and told him to put his clothes on. He didn’t want to put his clothes on and wanted to talk me into have sex which I said no about  8 times while I was trying to put my pants on he was rubbing and kissing me  I did not react to it  I just sat there while he rubbed all on me horribly for  5 minutes until he realized I wasn’t going to do anything back.

The next day he wanted to talk about it  (You know after you have an amazing fuck session and yall discuss it the next day)

he didn’t realize how horrible it was until I went off on him this was after I asked him to table the conversation until after the new year. He was more worried about the next time he would see me fix it. I advised him there won’t be a next time for a while and that after the new year I would be dating other men.

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He’s like no and stated please way too many times I care to mention the number on. he told me he didn’t want me dating anyone but him I told him I understood and this was why I was advising him of what was going on so he can make a decision as a man on what he wanted to do. he tells me that he doesn’t think it will sit well with him nor would he be ok with it and he doesn’t think it’s a good look for me to do it either.

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He was told when we started dating that I dated like this and there are times that I may be dating multiple men and sometimes he may be the only one until I wanted to become exclusive. During this conversation, I placed him on hold and got a callback from the Attorney I got the Immigration referral from without them going into details on what was discussed they advised they would never advise any client to marry someone to become a citizen and that he lied about this. I  came back on the line and advised him that this was done. He was advised to never call, text, reach out, come by my home or contact me period he was warned if he did the police would be involved.

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He texted me  on New years day Happy new years (this was in the  blocked messages)

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