Letters to my lovers Series, Single in the city

Letters to men who have only wanted to “go with the flow” me

I’ve always wanted to write a scathing letter and send it off to the men that have just wanted to “go with the flow”. Or even better  I am out in public with my new amazing man and we see your ass make small talk for you to wish us well and tell him how he as a good woman and to do right by me.

That is the shittiest dream of revenge smh lol.


but honestly

To the Men who wanted to go with the flow with me  :


Listen you are the lowest form of shit this falls right above the category with lying married men that bother me.

Why must you waste women’s time? yall don’t know what the hell you want, you speak the same bull shit (oh I’m not ready for a relationship) yet you will still want to do everything but give out this title Then you have the Audacity to extend your time by tossing in “catchphrases” like going with the flow. you want to flow slowly on the title but can manage to find a way under my Mint colored 300 thread sheets. I wanted a definition of what we were doing because as much as you thought your ass was in control I knew your ass was overly sensitive and the thought of me fucking someone else would still tug at your heart. So me asking what are we were to see how much of an issue would it be for me to entertain a man that was actually emotionally available unlike you. you guys put as little of an effort as possible and then have the audacity to have high ass standards and attempt to make demands as if you are worthy of such.

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