Letters to my lovers Series, Single in the city

Letters to my “lovers”

Dating sucks

I mean honestly, what’s better than talking with someone weeks or months on end finally become intimate for them to vanish without a trace.

What is better than a man wanting to do everything under the sun that looks like a relationship just to say he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with anyone. To only find out he is a inhale exhale away from walking down the aisle

What is better than to have a man emotionally unavailable , unstable , an utter bum . This man usually can only provide dick and disappoints.

I can tell you what’s better

Nails on a chalkboard

Having amazing sex you are at the brink of an orgasm for him to change position.

Getting a paper cut and squeezing a lime on your fajitas and you get it on your hand.

All of these options I would take over any man trying to date me and that’s the outcome.

I always wanted to tell these men off as if they would care . Make a case for myself and end with him remorseful and seeing the value in me and sweeping me off my feet and it’s perfect .

Look I’m a hopeless romantic . Thinking this over I am a hopeless mess if I think anything of substance would come afterwards either. This is an amazing thing about growth it gives you flashbacks of when you tolerated something stupid just to say you have a man

This series are letters I should have texted , things I should have said outloud to the men that were too stupid to see me .

Disclaimer I could give a rats ass on a lot of them but these letters are for me to keep track of times when I did not value myself but should have

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