Remove Low Vibrational energy from your life

      High vibration is linked to positivity, love, compassion, and peacefulness. In contrast, low vibration is linked to fear, anxiety, sadness and depression. The higher your vibration, the more authentic you are, and the more capable you’ll be of tuning into what you really want and then manifesting it in the world.

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When I say this I mean in all aspects of your life.
You know That negative nancy at your job that always has something to complain about? Do you also notice that they always seem like they hate their job?  I’m not talking about the regular annoyance of day to day I mean legit and utter hate. They have a scowl on their face their entire shift. Low vibrational people will spend their breaks complaining about their job. They spend their time on social media hating their job they legit complain and from what it sounds like they have never had one pleasant thing to say about work at all. This is a perfect example of low vibrational energy Have you ever noticed when you are around those people at work you start to hate work as well? You feel depleted and just icky? With the most professional way I can muster at work I hit them with an HR appropriate Girl bye lol.

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You want to know why I do this?

they hate their job and I honestly just do not move on this wavelength anytime I hate a job I started looking for another.

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My focus is usually on advancing my career and being as pleasant as I possibly can be. There is a chance that it may have something to do with their home life and the fact they are surrounded by other Low vibrational people at home and bring that energy to work daily. which again Not my Monkey Not my circus I have High vibrations I need to put out into the universe to manifest some amazing things.

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 you may also come in contact with these people on your commute to work, in the store, and the moment that they cut you off on the freeway. I find myself within the last year especially trying to get a better grip of my energy and trying to ensure that I maintain a high vibrational spirit not just for myself but I feel like it’s important for the sake of my children and for my own personal sanity. Getting a better understanding and having a better focus on my energy came to pass March 2019 when everything had just ended with the Panamanian I was feeling confident about my decision in walking away not realizing that at the time one of my main reasons had a great deal to do with my energy and how I was feeling in that moment in our relationship.

I wanted to ensure that I was also not entertaining in any sort  low vibrational people.

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 This comes to terms with men that I date and making sure that I do this quickly and not wait for 500,000 red flags before I make that decision to walk away. I don’t want to walk away from any experience depleted, drained, tired and angry all the time, especially when I have so many things to be grateful for two amazing children, amazing life and my cup is runneth over with love.

as you go on this path called life you may possibly come into the pathway of low vibrational energy

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stop yourself think about the company that you keep, what type of energy are they bringing to your life?  Think about the family members that you continue to keep around the never make you feel good whenever you’re in their presence, think about that one friend always seems like they have your best interest at heart that’s your biggest cheerleader but if an opportunity came to allow them to drag you down in the mud and they do it whew chile.

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 Change your energy, change your mind space, change the company that you keep.

This isn’t a jab or claim that you’re better than anyone else

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but I will say this there’s a great chance that you may be better if you walk away from this type of energy low vibrations is full of stress, it’s full of strife, it’s full of hypertension, it’s full of high blood pressure, it’s full of firing from jobs, it’s full of divorce, it’s full of mental health issues, it’s full of you not being the best you.

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