This was a year of change , reflection and humbleness for sure.

I realized my worth in the working world and that I know longer wanted to live paycheck to paycheck. I pounded the pavement to land my dream job and it came at the perfect moment.

I’ve become closer with family members I lost touch with and exiled friends and family who were a negative impact on my life.

I realized my worth and asked for it plus tax and got exactly that from a wonderful guy.

My relationship with my ex husband and kids is thriving growing and positive and I could not ask for more in a coparent.

I will be spending the holidays enjoying the kids , and having fun with the Panamanian and his crazy ( I mean this with love) , wonderful loving family . They literally spend the entire month celebrating christmas lol it’s pretty awesome.

I am excited for 2019 with new changes here on the blog , the site and The Facebook page so get ready 2019 is going to be one for the books.