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Mommy dearest a series on toxic motherhood-part 5

My son wasn’t even a year old and my ex-husband had returned home from his first deployment.

I got a call from my mother telling  me I needed to call the social security office  in my area and  tell them I was her daughter. This was  so she can get back pay from social security  (at this  point  my mother wasn’t working  stated  it was due to an injury and  she was filing to get paid)

I never saw any paperwork on what My mother received but  I know it was a lot so imagine my surprise that Social security gave me (what I called my reparations a little check of  $1500). My mother cursed me out on the phone and spread all about the family that I stole her money when my thoughts were if Social Security wanted her to have it it would have been in the $20K she alleges she received.  When I went to Texas to visit and spent time with my Grandmother  (not even realizing this would be my last time seeing her) she told me if I wanted my mother in my life do it because I want to not because the world tells me it’s the right thing to do.   I flew back to California making a pact with myself that I was never going to be in a predicament that if  I fell on hard times I would need to go back home.

I managed to go two to three years and not talking to my parents

until after I had my daughter  I come home when my grandmother had passed away in 2010 I kick myself to this day that I didn’t call her  on the day I was supposed I spoke with her a few days before she passed and she assured me she was fine to not make a big deal and call me  on my day off in a few days . she even joked about  how dramatic my mother was and  how she makes a big deal about everything . I came home a couple days after her passing my mother didn’t have a funeral for her, kept her ashes and wouldn’t allow me to say goodbye to my grandmother one last time. She did, however, make sure she spent the insurance money and not provide my uncles with none of it and they all stop speaking shortly after this and did not speak with one another until almost 2 years ago.

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