Single in the city

Netflix and dry conversation




Of course, he was Unmatched. I saw a post a few months back about a man in Arizona that went  over young ladies home after chatting a couple  hours  on POF only to go to her house and she started acting weird and he pretended  to go to the car and some men popped  out  in some bushes had he stayed a little  bit  longer  they would have robbed them . We had never spoken much and this was the content of our conversation but this is sadly the dating world  we live  in  . Men provide the  most basic mediocre ideas for dates and with these pathetic attempts we are supposed to succumb our  whole being for this  the intent  is always  very clear

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My name is Kay, I am a Proud Texan, Mom of 2 genius babies lol and a Fur-mom. I love Fashion, Tacos & shoes. But I have realized over the last few years I am a serial dater I have stories for days most are crazy, sexy cool lol. I started sharing them with friends a few years back and thought it would be neat to journal my lessons on my blog. On my blog, you get a view of crazy dating scenarios and the lessons I have learned from them all, Fashion ideas, and also my frustrations since I chopped all my hair off and went natural.
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