New gym new year

Sometime before Christmas it got a little chilly here in Houston, our version of cold here is ridiculous lol. I bundled up walked the dogs not even 5 feet from the house and came back up the stairs ( I live on the second floor) when I got in the house I was out of breathe. I looked at my Fitbit and my heart rate was 100, not to mention my last visit to the doctor was not good I am way too overweight for my frame. I’m 5 foot 2 and by “standards” I should be 96-115 lbs. I’m realistic so 130 to 140 is fine for me but I am currently at 253 lbs and since I’ve been in this relationship have gained over 40 lbs of happy weight lol. 3 years ago when I left Marcus I was 100 lbs heavier than when I started that relationship and I know that was not happy weight. I know now that this:

Has to fucking go. I’m tired and I hate that I’m always tired, and I will be damned im buying more clothes 😡😡😡. I joined a gym it’s fancy and hella expensive but this last week has been worth it. I cut my carb intact and added lots of water to my ” diet” I’m walking 2 miles a day and I took one class this week Barre Fusion ( goal next week 2 classes) .

If you want to join the gym you can here or at least see if one is available in your area.

Or get an email sent out for the recipes I’ll be trying this week join here.

Keep in mind I’m doing Lazy Keto so these will be low carb recipes.

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