So we met on POF in October

We spent a great deal online talking before taking it offline and meeting in public a few things. I had to adjust our dynamic and the overexpression of his feelings and falling fast and a comment he made about me becoming a Christian. There was a point I even had to take a step away from him because the Love bombing was too much. I think when he realized why I was stepping back and talked with his friends that advised him he was doing too much, that when we reconnected he made sure to not do this again and has worked to make sure I am comfortable when we are together. I am enjoying the time spent with him and our lengthy talks about everything under the sun the only thing we do not have in common is the music choice lol (he loves country music me not soo much hahaha.) So here are a few pics from our last few date nights lol :


so, this Date night started as a disaster

we were supposed to meet at the venue and he had car issues and I was supposed to come to get him and then I almost died (ok I’m being dramatic lol). he ended up taking an Uber and I made it there in the nick of time and they started late after we got settled in. I was ok and felt better since what I was stressed about (being late) didn’t even matter anymore lol.This was the night he heard my road rage and still wanted to speak to me after (I sound like a Michael Myers lunatic by the way when I drive in Houston but you know with speaking lol)