13 Transformative Quotes to Inspire Your Personal GrowthI  decided a few months back to stop engaging in trolling online going back and forth with women and men who I honestly don’t know in real life.

This came to parts shortly after I watched a woman in what I can only call online bullying another woman over the course of a week.

I took a detox from social media for a few weeks came back and they had moved on that was two months ago. I was banned from Facebook for about 40 days and came back last week and deleted all my groups I was apart of were dragging, bullying, roasting “pulling receipts”was the point of the group in the first place. One group I was an admin of I decided to unfollow the posts because leaving would have been another ordeal.

I refollowed all the marketing, business bestie groups I joined that helped me at some point and focused my interaction with them during my 40 days off Facebook. so this has been a process for about a month now I have been slowly doing for myself. People who know me (I mean folks I have met in real life know my whole name, my kid’s name, my parents, know what’s going in my life at this very moment because we are in contact with one another) thought it was great idea some even did so themselves.


13 Transformative Quotes to Inspire Your Personal GrowthI was bullied as a kid

and those girls that I watched bully other people I wasn’t friends with them didn’t want to be in their little club and I didn’t think they were cool. I as an adult woman don’t think it is cool now.

I was emailed early in the morning last week a screenshot from a woman who I thought blocked me on social media only for her to unblock make a post place my name in it leave it open for public view but only friends could comment. My friends and family  saw it and were  mad, co-workers that just so happen to search my name that day to add me saw it asking about it. When trying to explain stuff like this to people in real life where social media isn’t their morphine it’s kind of hard lol.

I responded to the Original poster and honestly went on about my day deleting those I saw in the comments speaking about me and who I was and they had never met me and blocking some as well. It took me about two days (and I am sure I will be doing this until the end of December as well )to rid my timeline of over 40 women.

I want you to take a few things in perspective for 2019 :


  • If your time  on social media is more than 30 minutes a day (and you have a full time career, children, education you are trying to obtain) and you are not receiving a coin from it stop it.
  • If you are trolling folks, arguing, posting screenshots, “pulling receipts” making back to back status about someone who has blocked you or you have blocked them stop it.
  • if you have a timeline filled with I hate men, I hate women, I hate this stop it.
  • If you have serious health issues, relationship problems, marital problems, a habitual liar, homeless, jobless or your offline life is in turmoil.
  • You definitely need to stop it. you have bigger fish to fry social media is a way for you to procrastinate on what actually matters in your life.

Sometimes you need growth in your life to see what’s important ,having the acceptance of strangers that honestly do not  know anything about you without having to google half of your  information about you or your family is not 1 anyone that knows you and  2 is not helping your growth and should be cleansed of your social media.

Having peace offline and online should  be key who wants to deal with unnecessary drama from someone that has no honest positive  impact on your real life?

13 Transformative Quotes to Inspire Your Personal GrowthMake 2019 your growth, productive and  thriving year .

DO: Make lasting and valuable friendships with people because they are a great impact within your life .

DON’T: Create friendships that were  built  on hating someone else and then posting subliminal messages  on social media and cackling  in the comments together  that’s not friendship that’s messy, unproductive, and basic these never create lasting bonds eventually this all comes down.

Do: take trips and  travel and  build your bonds together.  

Don’t :  take pretentious  photo ops  on ya’lls travels  just to spend majority of the  time talking about the same  people you blocked and are  “unbothered about”

also unproductive and places you being  “unbothered” null and void.