We know the traits when a man is trying to gaslight us and is no good and his time is up in our lives.

Why are we unable to cancel our shitty girlfriends?

I go out and wear something hideous I want my friends to be real and open and honest with me in a loving matter.

Having toxic friendships can be just as draining as a relationship with a man.

They can ghost you and appear when your life is going good (mostly in men cases ) or drama (mostly women cases)

They can gaslight you about your emotions or reactions you feel when they have done wrong by you. Then turn around and act as if you are overreacting to their disgusting behavior.

They can threaten to expose you ( men nudes you sent) ( women share secrets you may have shared in a “safe space)

When you have loving and healthy friendships you know what it feels when it’s all wrong.

That’s not to say that toxic people can’t teach you lessons, because they certainly can .

My most growth and best lessons were from toxic men I dated, married and friends that are nowhere to be found today because they served their purpose for that chapter in my life.