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Single in the city: the flake

***To somewhat protect the dates all will be referred to in code names only lol **

So the flake was met on ok cupid in August we had perfect chemistry at least I thought great conversation he seemed to have his head on straight was a father and was an active parent In his kids’ life . He set up 1 date with me finally after 3 weeks of us talking it got really close to the time and 10 mins prior to our date time he actually reached out and canceled said something to do with his daughter no biggie as a mom I get it we reschedule for the following weekend.


That Next week




Midweek we link back up and set the plan for Saturday. I get dolled up get in my car to go to our meeting space and call 5 mins after I arrived no answer from him at all. About a week and a half later he calls me saying he caught a flat the night of our date and was going through some things I kindly told him we could just be friends yes😑 I friend zoned hilol. . Although we eventually met one another at a local burger joint he was a great lesson that friends can be made from this dating thing I guess, months have passed since the first meeting and he’s now a really good friend nothing will come more serious than what it has and sadly that is because of his own actions

original post made on : September 12, 2015


Fast Forward 2 years  later

So to add to this  Fast Forward two years pass after  our  last meeting  we go out have drinks at this swanky party he invited me to and I ended  up going  home with him and  having disappointing sex and  his dick was small as well I childishly created a dumb argument and  ghosted  him until i changed my number last year

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