Throwback Series

Single in the city: Mr Tsa and Mr. Atlanta and new Orleans number 2

Just a  little update on some of the guys I was dating or not dating these were over a 2 to 3-month span I just never got around to Posting them.


Met online on tinder first date was at Bar Louie , second was a movie ,third we had breakfast . Super sweet Guy . WE got a chance to get to know each a little bit better but some things do concern  me about him  . The fact that he  is really  leaning the conversations  into going with the flow and  not really  having anything  with us to be  of  substance. Another concern was that he openly admitted to have a FWB while  on a date with me and that there was no concern  of having  her be  “released  of  her duties “. Few other concerns  he’s proceeding  into the “netflix and chill ” territory and  I am noticing he’s going out and calls/texts are becoming less frequent  it doesn’t help that when I pulled  up old glides from back in May he tried to talk with me while  he was in a “OPEN ” relationship and I declined to speak with him any more after that . I Will be honest  I do not see him progressing  into the New Year unless he tosses a Hail Mary within the next few weeks which I doubt  there will even be room for with the kiddos  coming this Thursday  .

*update on what happened with him* there was no room i actually never saw him till maybe two months later and he gaslight me and set up a date and blew me off we didnt speak again until 8 months later on a dating app trying to take me out for my birthday but had a whole girlfriend it was super weird and i blocked him from there . He showed up 3 months ago on instagram and i thought he had changed and sadly had not was still as manipulative as before and was again blocked.



also someone I met  on Tinder who lasted maybe a week he was  just way to busy for me to even be interested enough in him that it just drifted  off .

* he popped up 5 months later we went out on a few dates had sex once and we just never spoke with one another again. he of course showed up a year later on tinder before i shut down my account and started dating the guy I am currently  seeing he had no clue who i was and was admant we never had sex i gave him my number and since I dont delete threads screenshotted him the fact that he had my address to come to my place to have sex he unmatched me on tinder and i never heard from him after that*


Mr. New Orleans#2

Met  on POF and stopped talking after about a week we have linked back up again and  the dynamic with him in a way shifted  tremendously. I didn’t like the fact that he was  inconsistent with what he wanted so  I walked away. H e stated that he was afraid  of  commitment  and  honestly didn’t want to be  hurt  (is this a line guys feed you  when they  tell what they think you want to hear  lol  ?) This time around  he is  more vocal  more clear and what he wants  and  dare  i say cooked  for me  . I have never had a man do that I seem to get the  guys that can’t boil water so having a change  of  pace  is very  new to me  especially one that can cook. Not sure  what  will come  of him but  I’m willing to be open to something  new  and  different .

*welp i found out he was married lol they eventually got a divorce and we ended up having sex a few times before i just became bored with him he pops up once a month late
night on instagram for sex i reckon *

original blog date December 2016

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