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Stop calling everyone your friend

I pride myself on having friendships that have lasted a majority of my life some 20 years and some a decade these have lasted through a divorce, through children, through moves, through life changes our friendships have never wavered. Any time that we’ve ever had disagreements, it was handled accordingly, it was handled in an adult manner we move forward and we still love each other after. There are times we can go months, weeks, days without speaking to one another and we can pick up the phone and it’s as if nothing nor has any time has elapsed whatsoever. I enjoy the fact that they hold me accountable for a lot of things in my life when I’m doing wrong when I’m doing something that is out of character for myself if I am making decisions for my life that is what they know for a fact (because they actually know me) is not in the best interest of my lifestyle. I value their opinions I take and I accept all of their love and their cheerleading. This is a very important reason why I continue to have these women in my life over the years I met other women who I felt that I was going to have them in my tribe but there was always something that would change the dynamic of the Friendship a lot of times it’s that I’m not always readily available to them or that I’m not just going to tell them everything that they want to hear. I think when I come in contact with a woman who I connect with and the advice that she provides for me or the things that she says to me is just not how I see my life and it’s just not how I move and it’s never been beneficial for me to accept mediocrity for men to accept mediocrity when I’m dating to put myself in a situation where I have to deal with bullshit. I am just at a different point of my life.

So there are going to be times where those people are no longer considered one of my tribal girls they are considered associates they are considered friends, not best friends just friends and a lot of the information that’s provided to them is usually on a need-to-know basis.I might just see stuff going on in their life and I love it I mean I’m happy for them and I’m happy that they’re thriving I think that’s amazing but there are a lot of things that go on in my life that the only people that are privy to it first hand are the women that are in My Tribe so I talked with them first before anybody knows before it’s even posted in my blog before it’s even talked about on a podcast before it’s even posted on any social media. with that being said

I do not consider someone a friend:

Pops up to brag about their life only

do not honestly care or remotely give a damn about my life unless I have drama or strife in it

You are not a friend you are an associate who I watched end a relationship, get in another end it, get engaged and then get a boo all within a year. I was not privy to the information until after all the dust settled or I saw it online . I wasn’t mad nor was I angry when you decided to privy information to me . The fact that you felt the need to block me because you found out I was single on a podcast is amusing and only solidifies who I know you to be .

Part of the reason why you were no longer included the information on my life may have something to do with you inviting a man you never met to a girls-only birthday event of mine . That spokes volumes to me about who you were and the fact I was invtiing you to something where my tribe would be and you wanted some dude to come along to it just stated you don’t know me and never will and I am happily ok with that . Just as if you have not been around and was un missed im sure I can go my life with it being as such . Thank you . Next.

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