My Spiritual Journey

Dare to Achieve and Discover a Daring New You

  For a start, I’m not going to undertake a million and one things with deadlines impossible to keep (though I suspect my interest in new projects will get the better of me). Many amazing and interesting things in this world grab my attention, making it easy for me to get sidetracked. My intention is to transcend all previous successes…

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Live Richer Challenge-Credit

day 8 credit report clean up

I started this journey back in December of Last year and my main goals were: raising my credit score disputing everything negative  on my reports paying off as much debt as I could this year. We are 8 months in and my score is nothing like I thought it would be, but  I will say this I am getting approved…

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Deals for the day

Deals of the Day

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week 2 results from working out

I started the week out with a bang and wanted to have it be a great week . I didn’t wear my band Saturday night so the only sleep it caught was my nap lmao . No weight  loss and  no change in my BMI


week 1 results from working out

242.7 bmi 42% Lord, please ignore my mirror my mind is a mess right now which usually means the house will be too. I didn’t get much gym time in this week and I’m mad at myself I’ve gained 12 pounds within the last year and it keeps rising I can’t sleep and this week I was big on portion…

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Vetting Series

Why vetting is so important part 2

  Vetting and Relationship “goals” Everyone loves the looks of relationship goals but does anyone honestly understand that it actually means more than just matching outfits and taking cool vacation pics? When I called off my marriage it took those that weren’t super close to me by surprise. on the outside, I had a super successful military husband we had the…

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Live Richer Challenge-Credit, Money

Live Richer Challenge

    Live Richer Challenge               So a little gift for myself a few months back was to buy this book Live Richer Challenge   < (click the picture to get your copy and follow along with me ). I honestly wanted to increase my score about 100 points with a goal date of one…

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