Cluttered house cluttered mind

Why I needed to fix my Cluttered life While on my morning Facebook stalker page ( don’t you dare judge me ) I came across my favorite fitness guru Chalene  Johnson she had a short video up about decluttering your home, space everything. So she gives a little shout-out to her podcast so I thought what the hell fill my mind…

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Episode 7 Pod Cast

    My favorite  Live so far with my best friend  of 20 years topics this week are : -building a mansion with struggle love how sway? -getting married a piece of paper or a business deal ? – How many chances are too many  -is valentines day a big deal or corporate greed? you can follow Heather at  Heather Talks…

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Guest Blog Post

Walking the world of Fashion as a Mom

Sara / March 23, 2018

Welcome back everyone, it’s been a while I know and I apologize for my blog absence. I’ve suffered an injury with my shoulder and am suffering from a pinched nerve in my neck spasms in my trapezius muscle and an inflamed rotator cuff tendon so it’s been rough physically plus children being sick and having tooth emergencies has made it…

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