Girl Chat Episode 30 Podcast

TOPICS This week: -MY BDAY IS THIS WEEK!!!! -Update on the officer -dating apps I’m on currently -The African I punched came back -I’m unboxing some dildos TBD -Summer activities and moving forward get updates from Girl in htown : http://blog.girlinhtown.com/join-my-mailing-list/

Throwback Series

Single in the city: Adonis

*the names have been changed to protect the dates* Now Adonis is not my first rodeo we actually met 4 years ago in North Carolina when he was in the military and I was going through a very messy divorce he caught me at a different point of my life when he wanted a relationship and I honestly just wanted…

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week 4 results from working out

237.2 down 2 lbs BMI on the scale was acting weird this week  lol I am sleeping better and  making better choices on what I am putting  in my body and  goals for next week 5 days committing to the gym also if you want the recipes  I’m cooking for the week signup I send them out weekly click here

Single in the city

Fake sugar daddies

There are sites for this sort of interest (I wasn’t even aware of it lol ) A friend said they have sites for sex only, BDSM anything you can think of it it’s there but these men still feel the need to get on sites and force their interests down your throat. I wish he would have just said I am…

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Cluttered house cluttered mind

Why I needed to fix my Cluttered life While on my morning Facebook stalker page ( don’t you dare judge me ) I came across my favorite fitness guru Chalene  Johnson she had a short video up about decluttering your home, space everything. So she gives a little shout-out to her podcast so I thought what the hell fill my mind…

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week 3 results from working out

239 lbs 49% Bmi I lost one pound   I see no difference but I have been sleeping and pounding the water. I have a goal set for 5 days  of gym time  and  under 25 carbs a day, I have more energy all day and  not needed to put caffeine  in my body midday, Everything is  now  becoming a routine which  I…

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week 2 results from working out

I started the week out with a bang and wanted to have it be a great week . I didn’t wear my band Saturday night so the only sleep it caught was my nap lmao . No weight  loss and  no change in my BMI


week 1 results from working out

242.7 bmi 42% Lord, please ignore my mirror my mind is a mess right now which usually means the house will be too. I didn’t get much gym time in this week and I’m mad at myself I’ve gained 12 pounds within the last year and it keeps rising I can’t sleep and this week I was big on portion…

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Guest Blog Post

Walking the world of Fashion as a Mom

Sara / March 23, 2018

Welcome back everyone, it’s been a while I know and I apologize for my blog absence. I’ve suffered an injury with my shoulder and am suffering from a pinched nerve in my neck spasms in my trapezius muscle and an inflamed rotator cuff tendon so it’s been rough physically plus children being sick and having tooth emergencies has made it…

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