Single in the city

The atomic Dog

So back story Randall is a Que.

I want to say 2 years ago I met him on tinder we linked up and had sex 1 time. Why one time you ask? While having sex he did this :

And barked while hitting it doggystyle I caught this image and sound effects when I lifted my head from the pillow . his eyes were closed tongue out hand up and he was barking which caused my dog deena to come in the room . so needless to say I stopped it all cuz pineapples and he had to go. Afterwards he was trying to link up I didnt want to and he assumed i wanted a relationship and he had this weird thing about wanting to argue and fight and call me names to have makeup sex. Anyways the whole experience just turned me off .

When he and I linked up last year when nate dissappeared instead of me saying why I just said at that moment I wasnt interested in no strings attached sex. He goes onto a rant about why was I on tinder it’s to hookup I explained it wasnt but go off he called me stupid I sent him links for sex only no strings attached sex . he called me a bitch I didnt realize it was him until after we matched.

What do you think about Randall?

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