The Panamanian

The breakup the self care and moving forward

This will be a timeline of short events that transpired on why I walked away I will go in more detail here

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Met on Tinder talked about a month exchanged numbers and set up a date for that weekend. He sends me a text about him cutting his hair I’m tired and my autocorrect fails me instead of saying You don’t like it? I sent I don’t like it. he without clarification or a phone got in his feelings and blocked me.


He calls me “on accident ” looking for someone else he calls back we chat for hours and go out that and many other nights and become joined at the hip for about a month


Was advised about his actual life I told him to get his life and come back when he got it together

February 2018

Came back closer towards valentines day like it was all together and we tried again

march 2018

He disappears for 3 weeks I go on with my life until I reached out for closure we stayed together

June 2018

Meets my kids and the sex dwindled

august 2018

Tells me the reason he isn’t having sex was that the kids were around and his employment situation (more details on the podcast)

october 2018

Gets a new Job start planning for the holidays

December 2018

Things started to unravel about his background . this was when skeltons started to fall out slowly.

February 2019

He went ghost valentines day weekend

march 2019

I ended things match 9th and kicked him out at 2 am.

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