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The officer/ the advisor and my dating expectations

The Officer  :

So he has been given a second chance and I’m just not feeling him as much as I did before .

We have surface level conversations he acts as if his job and his life is a huge secret. Maybe  he thinks that  or that I would never understand if he explained it to me. There have been 5 dates he half assed tossed together and then when he is free has expectations for me to drop everything and just see him.

So what happened after I grew tired of the behavior we had a  conversation about how I cant get to know him on surface level only and osmosis  and if it was a huge issue with him allowing me to get to know him this needed to be ended ASAP. also that when he is free he should make time to see me and provide me with a proper window to make sure I was free at that time. There was a 180 and he has planned and executed the last date perfectly and even wants us to have a lil vacation out Of town for a few days  . He  makes sure  when he is free he makes time for  me and all surface  level conversation has ceased to exist  .

The Advisor:

 He was  doing very well we had open lines  of communication , he  was  on point with dates and making sure  he cherished the  valuable time  allotted to him and  then  everything was great until last week. He set  up to see  me  on a Thursday I texted  him and advised  I was thinking  of  going to dinner with friends  and  if  he cared to join us  (he technically  never  set  up time  on our date  so this was me also trying to figure  out the window  I needed to end  my time with friends and see him).


Our date was not turned to a  cancelled  date but  he also advised me he was going to do happy hour  with his  coworkers.  I didn’t hear from him and  he in a round about way glazed over  it said  his  I am sorry and  we went  out  on a date and ended it with a night cap .


This Past week he went ghost and  popped  up a couple days later stated he had  family drama and  that he left  his  phone  at home from work that day. hmmm ok . Moving forward he was ghost and short  with conversation for a few days and  popped  up today to say he was sick and  he was leaving for his cruise and he would see me when he got back next week (I’ve known about the cruise  he at least let me  know this )

I am leaning back and  this week away from him will help with this .

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