The first time I became somewhat single was in 2012 after walking away from my marriage of 8 years, at this time. I was free and was going to finally try dating as an adult. You see when I met my ex-husband it was through my sister; not online, not at a club, not at a kickback, the old-fashioned way. He, in the only way a 19-year-old could, courted me ( he honestly did better than a handful of men I dated in my 30s).

So you can imagine my shock when I started dating again and the era of compromise was running rampant. No more were the days of talking all night on the phone going on meaningful dates. oh no, we are in the era of lets Netflix and chill, let’s catch a vibe, let’s go dutch or my personal fav during said Netflix and chill: let me put the tip in.

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Men stopped holding themselves accountable and even fewer women are calling them out on it. Instead, they will fight and demean the next woman all to get the attention of men. These women are What I so illustriously call a “pick me” in her form.

Let’s get one thing straight Getting a man isn’t a success story.

having a car

Having your own place

Cooking and cleaning and you keep an idea of how many men you have slept with.

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oh? you thought that you were special?

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you are basic, a burger without the cheese.

Strip all that away what do you actually offer?

 let’s be honest, everything that was mentioned above is called being an adult