The “You Are Enough” 30-Day Blogging Challenge!

The “You Are Enough” 30-Day Blogging Challenge!

Day 19: In Chapter Fourteen, I get “An Unexpected Apology.” Share a time when YOU got an unexpected apology from someone, and how it impacted your life.

I dated lance for one year and it was toxic beginning to the very end .

He was honestly suppsoed to be a sex thing to clean slate my life after my sepration and upvoming divorce.

During this 1 year he hit me , cheated on me with sex workers , gave me an STD, stole money from me , tried to run me off the road, tried to murder my ex husband. During all of this living with me rent free and when I snapped I retaliated when he called my son a derogatory gay slur he called the police and I was looking at serving 8 years in prison for assault with a deadly weapon.

When the final cheating even happened while he was out of town I packed his things and called his command on base to come and get his things. I changed the locks it was so I thought over .

2 months later after life was going great for me. I didnt want to allow him to be in the house and he kicked my door in and he then called the police on me . the police came and advised me I had a FTA for a ticket from 2 years prior in florida 😒 I paid my bond and went home. He on the otherhand his bond was 10k which the military took care of . he had started dating a young woman she became tired of him and started dating someone else he saw then in public and thought it would be great to beat him with a bottle.

Why do I know this? I had to testify at his trial . My statement along with two other women and the gentleman found him guilty he served 2 months in jail was dishonarbly discharged and he tried to message me on Facebook on a fake account afterwards , I ignored him and went on about my life that was 7 years ago.

Sometime earlier this year he changed the profile and changed the location to Houston and messaged me like he was a stranger not realizing I could still see the messages prior.

When I told him I know who he was he apologized for bothering me and everything he did to me in the past it was wring, he was stupid and young and hope it didnt change my life in a bad way .

I said ok and he then blocked me.

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