Day 20: In Chapter Fifteen, I talk about losing someone precious to me, my grandmother. Talk about someone you’ve loved and lost, either to death or circumstance…and how loving them made you a better person.

My mother always painted my grandmother in a horrible picture especially if I showed a small amount of love towards her.

She gave me life lessons well before I knew that I needed them . She was brutally honest about her past and she was the one that gave me the love of reading , she knew I needed an escape from my mother and the books were the best way to get me there.

When she died a piece of my innocence left with her she was honestly the only person that understood me and oddly enough she wasn’t huge on the affection but I knew she loved me very much . I spoke about her passing and how much I regretted not calling her when I should have in previous blogs on here.

All of her lessons are just now registering with my life a lot of the decisions I made was in fact due to a lesson she gave me .

She knew what my mother was doing to me and didn’t agree with it and she wanted to see me win.

Do whatever you need to do so that you will never need her again

I did just that.