Day 21: Also in Chapter Fifteen, I talk about falling for a “lost boy,” someone who was too broken and too selfish to ever be able to love me like I deserved. Talk about your own experiences with a Lost Boy. What did he teach you? And how did you learn and grow from finally letting him go?


Prior to meeting the Panamanian, I feel like every man that I dated during the course of 2015 -2017 we’re all technically “Lost Boys” in a sense. I found myself a lot of the times not meeting any men that were ready to date all of them seemed like they were emotionally unavailable, and they were not consistent enough. Honestly,  there Was Always Something There  which only made my decision to not stick around that much easier. So I don’t believe that I’ve ever been in a circumstance where I was dating someone and they had clear signs that they weren’t ready to date the usual stuff not consistent, ghosting, emotionally unavailable, Hang-Ups about exes, weren’t where they needed to be as an adult, financially, whatever it may be  I just was not interested in waiting around for them so a lot of the times I would cut it short. So there wasn’t any falling in love meeting the wrong guy, honestly, when I saw someone was not emotionally available or emotionally invested in me I would just move on.