The “You Are Enough” 30-Day Blogging Challenge!

The “You Are Enough” 30-Day Blogging Challenge!

Day 13: In Chapter Ten, I talk about how sometimes survival is about whatever gets you through the day. Share what has “gotten you through the day” or held you together during tough times: faith, family, friends, alcohol, food, TV shows…whatever your glue is, don’t be afraid to get real.







What gets me through the day it will vary on the type of weak I’m having or the type of month.  When I was going through my unemployment a lot of things that we’re getting me to my next chapter in life were my kids because I just cannot not have a job. I can’t be dependent on other people because I realized in the past how that can literally bite you in the butt , sadly  with the toxic relationship that I have with my mother and watching a lot of the things that she did with my sister when my sister had to come back and stay home and depend on my parents for a brief moment while she got back on her feet that was also a huge motivation for me not to fall so far down that I would ever have to come back home for their assistance.  I think what I have planned for myself and what I have planned for my life even though I know the plan can sometimes step off track I just honestly feel like what I want at the end of that road is my motivation to get up every day and do what I do and part of the reason  to continue on with this blog it’s my motivation to continue on with the website and the goals and the things that I want to do for my success for the future .

I have so many ideas and it’s literally sitting in journals everyday all the things that I want to do for my business and there have been times in my life where I just stopped it I just stopped at overwhelmed and then I would come back to it and start back up again . The small successes that I have had with my business have motivated me to  continue with fresh ideas everything that I’m doing it’s always in the backdrop. I never expose a whole lot of the things that I’m doing because I want to take my  losses in private.

 There have been times  with me losing my business this past summer and  I discussed it and  I usually will if  it’s to educate other people .I find that if I help someone whether it be with the business stuff whether it be with singlehood . I just want to help someone so that they are not in the same boat that I have been in especially when it’s something that has been negative.

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