Day 6 of the #YouAreEnough30 challenge: In Chapter Four, I share my journey of “Looking for Love,” and how a dating app helped shake up my romantic life. Share your thoughts about online dating or an experience you had while doing online dating that made an impact on your life.


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So I wanted to focus this  blog  On  online  dating so I’ll give an update  on the Panamanian 

I talked about how we met on Tinder after he ghosted me for a typo via text lol. Our happiness/honeymoon phase ended 3 months later and the real him began to emerge I found him to be a dreamer, he spent money on stupid things, and he would have these dark periods he would feel sorry for himself and his life and also did nothing to change these. If anyone knows me and knows what I have gone through in my life this is something that is hard for me to pity with anyone. If I wanted a job I busted my ass and put myself out there to get a job.

If I wanted something  I saved and got it  I didn’t have my family to pick up the pieces and just take care of it for me and there were times he complained about his family and it irked my nerves since any time he’s ever fell down they were there to make sure he was good. he honestly had never just fallen on his ass and picked himself up.

He had a chance to be around my children this summer and  I watched closely to see their interaction some things pleased me with their interaction some things did not  (I want to hold on to this for another day but I’ll come back to that story I promise).

We also stopped having sex it’s been 5 Months and I can officially count on one hand the number of times we have had sex  Want to know what makes it worse? Ghost men are popping up and it is becoming difficult to not interact with them for just sex.

So no dates, no spark, and no sex make for a bored Kay. I have tried to break up with him twice and it’s just not breaking him yet I am over it and have officially started to check out mentally.

An act of God would change my mind


I am not sure why but the  fact that I told  him on several occasions  when he would cry about being around  my kids and not  his  own he can change this  he did  nothing  he also brought  up several times about us  having children   and I just could  not do it there was some  missing pieces  on the child support story and he tried to tell me  how to parent  my well-rounded kids and  to not tell them things  because I sounded  like his  mother  and it ruined  him. I flipped out on him because it was well known his mommy issues were rampant as hell and something that was a topic the entire time my kids were near him.