Day 4 of #YouAreEnough30: In Chapter Two, a phone call one Monday morning changes the course of my entire life and my family’s lives. Share a time that you received life altering news, good or bad, and how it impacted your life.

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My mother is a Liar and she exaggerates almost anything especially dramatic events that happen with our  family  .

13 years ago after Hurricane Katrina hit  shortly after Hurricane Rita came through the Gulf  of Mexico. I was living  in California at the time and my family was all here  in Texas My family  evacuated to North Texas since Katrina honestly had everyone scared for a repeat to happen  .

My family were driving  back and got involved  in a car accident,  I received a call from my mother and she was screaming and advised me  that my  sister and grandmother had died in a car crash  . It took moments to realize that my sister was very much alive since she snatched the  phone from my mother and advised my grandmother was being  life flighted to the local hospital, My grandmother was fine but her age didn’t make it a fast recovery  .

Fast forward to 2011 my grandmother is still paying for  the injuries from the  2005 car accident and  she falls  in the  home  and  breaks her hip she was  in the  hospital about a week my mother calls me again  , to advise my grandmother is dying any day now and to call her  my grandmother texts me to tell me she is fine and to call her  on my  off day  we joked about my mothers dramatics and  I set  up to call her that Sunday.

I called her Sunday no response and then called my sister since I knew she would be at the  hospital  we talked on the  phone while waiting for her to go in the room to speak to my grandmother .

It got  really  loud  in the background and you could hear CODE BLUE over the speakers I asked my sister what was that she said that’s bad and that they were going to my grandmothers room she  got  off the  phone with me and the next 5 hours were rough.

My father called me that evening to advise me that my grandmother had passed.

7 years later I was still angry with myself that I never called her ASAP (also a huge reason why I call everyone back when I tell them I will)

I was equally angry at my mother for not allowing me to see my grandmothers body since she felt that I could not handle it.

With my grandmothers passing  it tore our  Family  link apart :

No more  Dinners

No more card playing  nights

no ore get togethers

no more parties

it was honestly the end of an Era.